SuMmEr LoVeRs of 2004

Do y0u have what it takes to be a SummerLover

SuMmEr LoVerS seCreT SociEty
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All Members , Moderated

+ Fill out the application honestly
+ Within 24 hours of becoming a member you must submit an application
+ 2-3 days after submitting an application your results will be in
+ All accepted members can rate the incoming applications
+ All accepted members can post in the community (( poems. pictures. songs. blinks. colorbars )) Accepted members can also create new banners or icons for this community
+ Also in the application if you answer "pen" for the random question "what color are your teeth?" to insure that you read the rules
+ No porn or graphic pictures can be posted

-> All members must read the ruLes
-> Must be at least 12 and no older then 18 years of age

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Birthday:
4. Sex:
5. Status (single. dating. etc.):
6. If so their name:
7. Three words that describe you:
9. Dislikes:
10. Promote to one journal:
Promote to two communities:

This or That
11. orange or bananas:
12. cats or dogs:
13. gold or silver:
14. chocolate or vanilla:
15. blue or pink:

16. Do you believe in ghosts?:
17. What color are your teeth?:
18. Religion:
19. What traits do you look for in a friend?:

20. Britney Spears:
21. Hilary Duff:
22. Ashlee Simpson:
23. Abortion:
24. Drugs:
25. Alcohol:
26. Chad Micheal Murray:
27. Eminem:
28. Love:
29. Lockness Monster:

30. color:
31. number:
32. food:
33. book:
34. movie:
35. actor:
36. actress:
37. song:
38. singer:
39. band:
40. city:
41. tv shows:

Last But Not Least
42. How did you find this community?:
43. Personal Quote: