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1. Name:yesenia
2. Age:13
3. Birthday:1-31
4. Sex:female
5. Status (single. dating. etc.):single
6. If so their name:
7. Three words that describe you:fun,wild,sweet
8. Likes:boys,shopping,sleeping
9. Dislikes:liars,backstabbers!!
10. Promote to one journal:
Promote to two communities:

This or That
11. orange or bananas:bananas
12. cats or dogs:cats
13. gold or silver:silver
14. chocolate or vanilla:vanilla
15. blue or pink:pink!

16. Do you believe in ghosts?:yes
17. What color are your teeth?:pen
18. Religion:christian/catholic
19. What traits do you look for in a friend?:fun,trustworthy,truthfull,awesome personality

20. Britney Spears:shes beautiful
21. Hilary Duff:love her
22. Ashlee Simpson:shes my favorite, i love her voice!shes gorgeous!!
23. Abortion:its wrong,but it all depends on why ur doing it if u got raped then i can understand,but if went and had sex without thinking then thats your fuck up
24. Drugs:not to smart
25. Alcohol:just dont let it get out of control
26. Chad Micheal Murray:so DAMN HOTT!
27. Eminem:i dont like him
28. Love:looking for it..
29. Lockness Monster:hes soo real lol

30. color:pink,white
31. number:31
32. food:italian
33. book:always running
34. movie:thirteen,mean girls
35. actor:orlando bloom,johnny deep
36. actress:misha barton,Keira Knightely,lindsey lohan,nikky reed
37. song:i have too many
38. singer: ashlee simpson,jessica simpson
39. band:hoobastank,maroon 5
40. city:Los Angeles
41. tv shows:degrassi,the ashlee simpson show,one tree hill,o.c

Last But Not Least
42. How did you find this community?:i was looking around
43. Personal Quote:“A person is a success if they get up in the morning and get to bed at night, and in between they does what they want to do"
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